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 Snake came back....but isnt eating

Hey everybody, I had posted a message in January about losing my snake and I found him yesterday night...My cat found him under the kitchen sink and I saw him. I grabbed onto him and he tried to get away (I guess thinking I was the cat). He is still very strong and fast for being gone for so long and he didnt look thin or dehydrated. I bought him some mice today and tried to feed it to him but he did not eat it. He killed it and then left it. I tried another one and he didnt even seem interested...Is this normal for a snake when he has been lost for months? Or do you think he has found food around my house? We dont have mice in our house, at least I never have seen one. IF anyone can help, please write me back.

Thanks, its nice to have him back

05/07/07  07:51pm


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 Snake came back....but isnt eating

ok heres what might be going on he may have fed on other mammals like rats or moles and lost interest in mice how big is he and what kind of snake does he appear larger longer thicker heaveir if so you need to know what he was eating just in case of harmful parasites

03/26/08  11:49am


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  Message To: Lizardking/hfx/n.s   In reference to Message Id: 1676476

 Snake came back....but isnt eating

well... the thing to do is starve feed... sorry to say many people may not agree with this.. but my snake was snobby and got a big juicy (captive bred) mole and he wouldnt eat rats anymore... so i starved him for 3 months... low and behold the snake ate 3 rats within 3 hours hah...

04/29/09  02:29am

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