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 STOLEN reptiles at seattle shelter

just thought Iíd post this in case any of these reptiles show up for sale. Last night Animal Talk Rescue in Seattle, WA was broken into. All the animals were let loose, some killed, about 45 cats were running around the store, and many reptiles were stolen.

If you see any of these for sale anywhere, or think you might know anything:

9 leopard geckos-6 standard adults-most quite old (store pets), one is a blind female who canít eat by herself and is 17.

2 adult bearded dragons-one female, one male, both rescues. The male is quite beautiful, could sell for about $200. Fair sized, very tame. The female is a bit smaller, just came in last week. She seems pretty young, standard coloring, quite vicious (will bite if you put your hands anywhere near her). She may have parasite problems/impaction.

1 4-5 foot adult male rescue iguana. He was also a store pet. He can be quite mean, so whoever has him will have some bite/tail wounds.

1 sexed male baby ball python. Very sweet snake, about 1-2 feet long.

All these reptiles are dearly missed, and most of them are store pets. Just thought Iíd post to a few sites to see if anyone sees them for sale, or future babies for sale. Thanks!

10/08/06  03:19am


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 STOLEN reptiles at seattle shelter

I live in Washington. Iíll be looking out for your rescued animals. Im sorry that happened. I wish I wouldíve known earlier. Iíll keep my eye out for them, promise!

10/28/06  10:01am

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