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 Egyptian uromastyx and Mali uromastyx

I have two uromastyx available for adoption by experienced owners. They are both about 6 years old. I’ve had them for two years.

The Egyptian is about 18 inches and medium gray all over. I recently discovered she is female after she laid a large clutch of infertile eggs. She will allow you to gently stroke her, and she will eat peas out of your fingers, with some coaxing. She doesn’t like to be picked up, however. Very alert and curious about the world.

The Mali is maybe 10 inches. I call her a she because she has yellow spots but they are faint, and the background isn’t very dark. She is shy but will come out and watch the world if she feels safe. You can handle her (if you can catch her!)

These two lived together since they were very tiny and got along fine, but I recently had to separate them when the Egyptian started being very aggressive toward the Mali. When I found the eggs, I understood why. So now they’re adjusting to living alone.

I like them both, but two large tanks in my living room is getting to be too much! So I’d like to find good homes for one or both.

I will not ship them, but I will deliver them in western Washington or meet you half way anywhere in Washington or Oregon.

07/29/13  03:54pm


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  Message To: Kms2135   In reference to Message Id: 2300027

 Egyptian uromastyx and Mali uromastyx

How sad for me, that I am in Ukraine... I just love uromastyx and I have only uromastyx species in my collection by now. I am looking for egyptian pair and mali pair for a long time. But it is impossible to ship here anyway.

08/20/13  11:31am

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