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 Tame adult green iguana needs home

I am caring for a friend’s 12 year old male iguana and she just informed me today that she will be going to school in Paris and can not keep him. Zeus is tame and very smart(I met my friend in the first place because I found Zeus in the middle of the street and took him home and spoiled him, and she found the sign I posted and got him back that same day. Since then he has gotten out of her house two more times and both times he walked more than a half block to my house and and waited on my porch!) he is a rescue and is missing half his tail but on the positive side there is not a tail getting in the way or knocking stuff over, and it gives him character. If you are interested you can reply to me through this site. I will take pictures of him when he wakes up and post them soon. Thanks

04/26/13  04:54am


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 Tame adult green iguana needs home

r u asking money cause if not i may be able to convince my parent in to letting me get him by the way im 13 always loved reptiles and currently own grass lizard(getting bob a buddy soon) a turtle and use to own a ball python until we moved and he couldnt move with us and where r u

07/20/13  05:47am


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  Message To: Grasslizardboy   In reference to Message Id: 2299733

 Tame adult green iguana needs home


10/03/13  03:08pm

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