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 Savannah Monitor Enclosure package

I am offering a Savannah Monitor named Bowser, he is approximately 10 months old. Currently Bowser is 15 inches with a healthy girth.. With this Lizard you will get a 5’x4’x4’ (LxHxD) large enough to sustain him for the rest of his life, I had plans for attachments but new living situation will not allow. You will be recieving 3 light fixtrues, one of which is an infrared for night time viewing.. a second  level if wanted, a 33 gallon aquarium which is not suitable in any way for living in (i found out the hard way, 250 dollars down the road) I use the aquarium as a water source and as a pond. This enclosure is large literally perfect shape and has a sliding glass viewing window, it is 3/8 inch plywood with 2x2 support beams, all perfect condition.. comes with caulking gun to seal the seams. Savannah monitors can be a great companion, it will be very hard to see him go. I will gladly take whatever you offer me,  you will be recieving about 700 dollars worth of material not including the lizard! so be reasonable!! Any offer has potential, need to get rid of him. Preferably e-mail please
(hot mail)

03/25/13  12:30am

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