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 Locklyn for sale

unfortunately I need to re-home my iguana Locklyn. I am not able to give him the time he needs and deserves. He would come with the enclosure, accessories, and food that I have with him. The enclosure won’t last him much longer. but will do for now, and just needs someone who can give him the time and attention he needs. It breaks my heart that I have to let him go, I rescued him myself, but I feel like he will do far better in someone else’s hands. He is about 20 inches in total length, and I believe he is about 8 or 10 months old. He is a Green Iguana. and deserves a great home. It’s his Christmas wish.
He is quite shy but will warm up to you with constant handling.
He loves to hang out in the bath tub with warm water in it. and will love to run around an Iggy safe room.
He is okay with cats and dogs who like to stare into the cage.
If you have a cat tree he will spend hours climbing it and exploring on it.
I hope someone will adopt him and will love to see him grow up to be the wonderful man he can be.
Looking for a re-homeing fee *price negotible*
Thanks so much.

12/03/12  12:29am


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  Message To: MisterKabob   In reference to Message Id: 2286967

 Locklyn for sale

Love it, but how much, and where do u live?

04/12/13  04:18pm

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