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Kragadraga   Minions  

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 Wanting a young beardie (preferably in Indiana)

Im looking to adopt a young beardie i have around a i believe 20 something gallon tank goodsized just dont know the exact size i know how to care for them already and have all that i would need except some calcium which i will pick up if i get a lil guy or gal, i am in Indiana and would really like if someone in Indiana had one i could buy for a preferably low price or adoption, if anyone has a nice lil beardie please tell me all about them ^,^ and hopefully i will be able to pick them up if i can! :D

07/30/12  05:56pm


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  Message To: Kragadraga   In reference to Message Id: 2274954

 Wanting a young beardie (preferably in Indiana)

hi... i have a bearded dragon with food and water bowl, heat rock, log, heat lamp, light lamp, cactus, heat pad, and im interestied of selling my lizard because ijust dont have alot of time to hold it and other stuff so call 1(269)326-0783 i live in michagain but i think we could make some arangments thank you. bye!

11/11/13  09:04pm

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