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 Art for Sale!

I am a professional artist and am now open to taking commissions on RepticZone! Be it your pet, a friend’s pet, an animal you’d love to own but can’t, or something completely out in left field like a mythological beast or dragon, I’m all for it. I do sketches, inked works, digitally colored line-art, lineless digital colors, watercolors, and more.

Prices are as follows for 1 animal/creature:

Sketch: 10$
Ink: 25$
Digital Color: 50$

Lineless digital colors and watercolors are priced depending on what you want and how much detail goes into it. It’s normally 75$ to a 100$ or more.

Examples are below!



Digi-color w/ lines

This is a simple watercolor:

This is a basic lineless digital color of Ashmash’s gecko, Runder:

I take paypal (with tax), money order, check, and cashier’s cheque. Prints of the final product (as well as any of the images listed in this post) can be produced and mailed on request to US and Canadian customers. I can only take paypal orders from customers in Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world.

Please note if interested or if you have any questions.

02/08/12  11:11pm

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