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Mpj   Lizard girl 4   Redding Reptiles  

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 Wanted blue belly Lizards!

Hello we are interested in the Western Fence Lizards, maybe max a male and a female, but cannot pay much for those; we live in Central Florida. The lizards here are just brown and our daughter is fascinated with the blue belly ones, thank you!

12/29/11  03:29am


Lizard girl 4
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  Message To: Mpj   In reference to Message Id: 2248793

 Wanted blue belly Lizards!

On the fence lizard forum there is one for sale.

12/29/11  09:31pm


Redding Reptiles
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  Message To: Lizard girl 4   In reference to Message Id: 2248879

 Wanted blue belly Lizards!

I have two female western fence lizards for sale. They are captive bred so they are legal to sell. Im asking $15.00 for the pair and it cost me $20.00 for shipping. Message me if you are interested.

04/08/13  08:32pm

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