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 Looking for a Mali URO (please read)

I’m looking for a inexpensive and smaller UROMASTYX lizard for my children. Just about the most they can spend is $20 plus the shipping.
If anyone has perhaps a baby URO that they can part with for this price, please contact me and we will get the details on it, and talk seriously about getting it shipped.
You can call me also, at 541 852 1201.



06/27/11  11:47am


Mumbos Momma
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  Message To: Nishadhi_samahdi   In reference to Message Id: 2226807

 Looking for a Mali URO (please read)

So; here is a simple breakdown of Uromastyx cost. I,myself,personally own one and am about to take on a second so please listen to some advice I’m throwing out. This is in no way to be ignorant or rude but I think you may have been given some faulty information about the cost that comes with reptiles. Uro’s in general.

For one, You called a Uro "small".... The average adult Uro can range anywhere from 11-16 inches sometimes even bigger depending on species. Small is an Anole or House Gecko.

Next,your only being able to provide $30 for the cost of the lizard really has me worried. I have a Saharan Red Uromastyx and he cost me $145 without any supplies or cage. A cheap lizard is never a good thing. They are usually wild caught (w.c.) or sick.

-Your average cost that come with a Uro (just to get started) are as follows;
-Cage (a minimum of 4ft x 4ft x 2ft) will usually run you around $250-300 for proper housing/materials
-A good UVB bulb not the crappy ones that serve no purpose will run you around $50
-A ceramic heat emitter will run you around $30
-A basking light will run you around $25
-Three ceramic socket domes will run you around $75 ($25 a piece for good ones)
-Hides to start will run you about $60-100 to offer proper hiding spaces,basking shelfs,ect
-Temp guns,humidity tester,ect can run you up over $100 to make sure your enclosure stays safe temps,ect for your Uro
-Vitamins for food run you around $10
-Bowl for food will run you around $5

JUST that stuff right there will run you up over $600 easily and that’s without the lizard

.:Here are some things I also doubt you know but need to know:.
-Without proper amounts of UVB your Uro with get Metabolic Bone Disease,this will kill him
-Uro’s should never have access to water whether it be a water dish or bath,they’re prone to aspirating as well as the fact that water can cause an array of health issues including tail rot. They get all their water needs from food if being fed properly.
-Uro’s should only be fed certain kinds of foods on a regular basis (I.e. Dandelion greens,bok choy,kale) with other stuff as treats (I.e. Fruits,veggies)
- Calcium sand should never be used (or anything with crushed walnuts,or bird seeds) they are known to kill lizards and impact them
-Basking area temperatures should stay around 130f and the cool side should stay around 85f
-Uro’s are not an animal that should be held. Handling should be only when completely necessary such as when cleaning the enclosure because the Uro’s need a certain body temperature and pulling them from their enclosure and heat source can be detrimental to health of your lizard.

I really think with the lack of knowledge you have shown you should really reconsider your decision in getting a Uromastyx. I don’t consider these a starter lizard, leopard geckos and anoles are more for a starter and require less maintenance.

I HIGHLY doubt you will find a Uro for that cost and if you do it isn’t worth it to begin with because I’m sure it would be very sick. Personally I don’t think your ready for the cost that comes along with a Uro,theyarent a starter reptile cost wise. They are pricey to set up properly.

06/29/11  12:35pm


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  Message To: Mumbos Momma   In reference to Message Id: 2227025

 Looking for a Mali URO (please read)

Thank you VERY much for all of your information. I had my Dad explain it all to me, and now I can understand that a uromastyx just going to be WAY too expensive for us to get. I’m 10 years old and my sister just turned 8, and even though I know we could take care of the lizard between the 2 of us, we just don’t have that kind of money.
Thanks again.


06/29/11  02:44pm


Mumbos Momma
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  Message To: Samahdi   In reference to Message Id: 2227032

 Looking for a Mali URO (please read)

Ya,not trying to be mean. Just truthful. I’m glad you understand :)

06/29/11  02:52pm

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