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 Small Leopard Gecko Colony

Looking to sell my small colony of leopard geckos and the Rhinoraxx shoebox rack and thermostat. Asking $300 for everything but will negotiate if you have leo experience. Must be pick up from Toledo, Ohio. Email me at if interested.

01/21/11  07:27pm


Lizard lover 101
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  Message To: Jessethebody1230   In reference to Message Id: 2200132

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Oh How Much I like the third Picture and Im willing if you do the shipping!Please write back becuse my geco is lonely.
they are all of Avery my male Geco!

A baby Gecko!by the way! C:

09/28/11  05:27pm


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  Message To: Lizard lover 101   In reference to Message Id: 2238494

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can I have 1?I need a male for my female,how much will it be

09/28/11  06:12pm


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  Message To: TheJokerDragon   In reference to Message Id: 2238497

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LizardLover101 your picture is not a gecko it’s a fence lizard.

10/07/11  09:25pm

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