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Flaming chaos
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 How to go about selling my leos

I need to sell my leos but still want them to go to a Great home that will treat them right so if any one could help me out on figureing this out then I would be greatful.

(1 male and 1 female)

03/16/13  03:04pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Flaming chaos   In reference to Message Id: 2293868

 How to go about selling my leos

you could post on your local CL.. And ask a lot of questions make sure they know what they are doing. and if you are giving them the enclosure too before telling them what they’d get ask them what they would use. and then correct them as they go along. Or put an ad in your local paper. But make sure to ask a lot of questions.:) good luck. If you were here i’d take them for you, but I hope you find them a grest home and always ask for them to send pictures and updates.:)

03/19/13  04:50am


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  Message To: The Lone Glider   In reference to Message Id: 2293988

 How to go about selling my leos

I agree with Craigslist as well, I bought 2 leopard geckos via Craigslist you can meet each other to make sure you trust them to take care of the Leo’s . Also they know that you took care of the Leo’s . Which will raise the rehoming fee.Also if your selling whole setup no shipping costs

03/21/13  03:07am


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  Message To: Packie   In reference to Message Id: 2294089

 How to go about selling my leos

If you are willing to ship to California and offer me a couple of picture I could purchase them. I already have a leopard gecko and I’m looking for a couple more. :)

07/23/13  11:00pm

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