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 Age combination

I have a two year old male. I would love to find him a girlfriend! ;) My question is; what size/age is best to get? My local pet store only offers juvenile geckos... They state they are Apx. 6 months old, will my male accept one this Youngs?

12/04/12  03:05pm


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 Age combination

Adult leos will kill young leos, and eat hatchlings. Getting a 6 month old and popping it in with your 2 year old male is a waste of money.

Don’t get your leo a ’girlfriend’. They do best solitary, and a single male/female combo will result in the male constantly harassing the female for sex to the point that the female gets sick and the male stops eating. If a female leo breeds too early, they can get eggbound.

There’s also the whole quarantining thing. New leos need to be quarantined in their own tank for 90 days + a vet visit. There are some pretty wild diseases out there, like crypto - which can take 2 months to show and can wipe out your whole reptile collection from cross-contamination.

Another thing is that a single female can lay up to 16 eggs a season. Keeping them together is unfair to the female, who has to continuously make all those eggs. That and what are you going to do with all those hatchlings? The market already has a ton of them from other backyard breeders. It’s not fair to anyone involved.

12/05/12  04:15pm

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