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Jenjen4180   Sandboaking  

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 Breeding crickets

Hi there, I have three leos and have decided that it might be wise to breed crickets rather than running to the pet store every few days. So, I set up a plastic tote, cut holes in the sides and top and covered the holes with mesh so they can’t escape. Then I put a container of damp top soil on one side, and another with food on the other side, plus lots of cardboard for them to hide in. I went and bought 50 large crickets, and pet them in, but I only see and hear one chirping, and don’t see the females getting into the dirt to lay eggs at all. I also don’t see any eggs in the soil. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, please help!!

11/24/12  05:13pm


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 Breeding crickets

Hi, your setup sounds fine. I actually tried this before, but no real results. I’m not really sure how commercial cricket breeders do it, but just give them a while and see. Mealworms are a lot easier to breed, and dubia roaches are even easier and more nutritious, so you could always give eather of those a try.

11/28/12  04:28pm

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