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 Starving leopard gecko

Hello everyone,

I know this is going to ignite anger in some people, as rightly it should, but I need some help. I’ve just discovered that my son has been forgetting to feed his 3-year-old male leopard gecko, to the point where he is now all skin and bones, and the fat is all gone in his tail. As soon as I found this out, I immediately moved his tank to our living area where I can keep a constant eye on him, gave him a quick warm water soak, and then placed him back in his tank with several crickets to see if he would eat. He is not interested in them at all at this point. Is there anything I can do to get his appetite back, or anything I could mash up to try to force feed him to get something in his poor belly? Prior to this, the only thing he would eat was crickets. We had tried small small meal worms as a treat at one point, and he was not interested in them. I feel absolutely awful that we didn’t catch this sooner, and no, he will not be returning to my son’s room if he does make it through this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

11/11/12  06:05pm


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 Starving leopard gecko

Something is wrong with the leo and it should see a vet. It would take an adult leo literally months to get to the state you’re describing if it was mere starvation - due to their extremely slow metabolism -, and I’m sure you’ve gone into your sons room sometime in the last month and at least seen it sometime in the last three.

Give a run-down of the tank setup. Substrate/bedding, tank size, how you heat the tank, how many hiding places there are, what calcium supplements you’re using, the temps and humidity, what brand/type of thermometer you use to measure the temps, everything under the sun you could possibly tell me.

I have a feeling that the leo is either impacted (stupidly common and mutually easy to treat) or has parasites. Those two reasons are the most common issue with geckos and both can present a rapid decline in weight.

Link - Google search for reptile vets in Wisconsin. You can also ask the pet place you bought the leo from where a nearby vet is, or do a search in the yellowpages under V for vet and call up a few numbers, asking if they do reptiles. If they say they do small animals, find a different vet.

11/13/12  10:55am

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