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Miko Hayashi   KrazyKelli  

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Miko Hayashi
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 Leopard gecko hasn’t pooped in 3 days

So I fed my gecko about 8 crickets on tuesday and it’s already friday. I handle him for about 30 minutes once or twice every other day so he gets used to me. He usually poops every other day and he hasn’t so far. Maybe it’s the amount of crickets he was given. I need to get more for him but he’s about 8 inches long and 50 grams in weight. He eats about 1-inch long crickets and some are smaller than others. He has no issue eating them. The temperatures are right in the 90s on the hot side with the UTH and in the 70s-80s on the cool side. I got him a Zoo Med 3-in-1 hide cave and I have a humid hide with spaghnum moss in it. I have a dish of water and another dish of calcium and multivitamins out for him to lick. He’s also on repti-carpet as well.

A few months ago, he recovered from a spinal fracture and has been active ever since. And recently, he recovered from a bad shed which was aided by the slightly high humidty and heat from this heat wave. Sometimes my room gets so unbearably hot but he loves it. I’m only worries that he’s not pooping because of the mere though of parasites. He barely comes out of his hide now, even during night time but I think he comes out while I sleep. He even pokes his head out to watch me. Overall, he looks healthy and has no sign of impaction from eating too many crickets. I check him over everytime I handle him. Please tell me that this pooping issue is normal. I would hate to have to bring him to the vet again.

07/20/12  08:47am


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 Leopard gecko hasn’t pooped in 3 days

You should have three hiding places in the tank. One on the hot side, one on the cool side, and the humid-hide in the middle. This lets the leo properly thermoregulate and hide at the same time. If you lack the third hide, and get another, look to see if he hides on the cool side all the time (or around the water dish). This is a sign of heat-stress.

Check the whole tank over. Sometimes leos poop in hidden areas.

The calcium/vitamins should be dusted on the bugs once a week. D3 calcium, if given all the time, will make a lizard sick from D3 toxicity. The dish-in-the-tank thing is for pure calcium, which is the non d3 kind, and is entirely optional. It’s the once a week dusting thing you need to do.

What kind of thermometer are you using? Dial/analogue and sticker fish-tank thermometers are pieces of crap and can’t read their way out of a book. The best two thermometers to use in a leopard gecko tank are digital thermometers (with a probe to measure ground temps) and temp guns. If you use a digi thermometer w/ probe, ignore this paragraph.

I wouldn’t be worried until a full week goes by with no poop. However if you get real concerned, then do two things: One, put three drops of vegi oil on the leo’s lips to lick up. This will lubricate the system. Second, stop handling the leo for a few days to see if it isn’t stress that’s causing the leo to hold it in. I highly doubt it’s parasites (that’s more weird poop, a fast drop of weight, and the licking of the vent). If a week goes by and there’s still no poop, ever after you checked the entire tank twice over, then give a warm soak. Get a sandwich container you no longer care about, poke a few holes in the lid, and line is with warm (not hot), real damp paper-towels. Then put the leo in the to sauna it out for 10 some minutes. The humidity and soaking will help the poop come out. And, of course, if that doesn’t work you need to see a vet.

07/24/12  10:29pm

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