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Animalwiz   Scrupadumpolus  

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It’s been too long since I was last on here, but I’m getting worried. I have a 4yr. Mac Snow named Zee- whom I’ve raised since he was a baby. He is just finishing his battle with an abscence that had formed under his eye from a mouth injury. ( I think he was bitten in the right spot by a mealworm). During the Month and a half he was dealing with this set back, he would not eat at all. I was giving a steroid/nutrient mix prescribed by a vet who specializes in reptiles. I was also having to force feed him a mealworm ’’shake’’ and that kept him on the up and up. Problem is, his injury is now healed but he still refuses to eat solid live mealworms. He doesn’t even acknowledge them. I’m getting concerned.

06/25/12  11:49am


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May I sugjest chopping a mealworm to manageable bites then coax hand feeding. I hope that he gets better though

06/30/12  10:03pm

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