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Gecko Sis
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 Sick gecko with something on her mouth

My gecko just shed a last week. She is not able to remove the skin from her mouth. Now it looks like she has some swelling on her mouth and she looks ill. Help.

12/14/11  10:07pm


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 Sick gecko with something on her mouth

Holding the gecko firmly but gently you can spray water from a misting bottle on it...and gently assist the shed by pulling it off ...if it is stubborn , mist some more...eventually it will act like toilet tissue and just come off easily with your help. If holding it is difficult you can soak it in a small Tupperware container and warm water.

The water should be deep enough for the gecko to stand in and not drown ....usually shoulder height.
Be careful not to use water that is too hot.
Or you can set up the proper humid hide and wait a few days for it to come off by itself.

Once that is done you can look more closely at the sore ....maybe it is just rubbing intensely on that area to remove it.

To help heal the sore you can use Carmex lip balm ...just a little dab every other day if it is more than just rubbing /raw may need to study / research about mouth rot in reptiles....but that is a far stretch ...I don’t want to frighten you.

Mouth Rot / Stomatitis is very ugly and usually involves greater swelling and some discharge ...which you have not described. But here is a good reference to read about it.


Are you offering a humid hide for your gecko during the shedding period...?

12/18/11  02:34pm

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