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Trae   KrazyKelli  

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 2 geckos 1 big cage

Hey im plaining on buying two leopard geoko i cant tell the sex (to young) but they grew up together and wanted to know if i should separate them

11/12/11  10:55am


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  Message To: Trae   In reference to Message Id: 2243938

 2 geckos 1 big cage

Older thread, but yes. You need to eventually seperate them. Even if they’ve been siblings from birth and side by side all their lives, if one is male and one is female they will make out possibly before you can tell the genders. This can result in a hemipenal prolapse or eggbinding, both of which ends in an expensive vet trip and/or losing one of your geckos. If both end up male, they will fight to the death eventually.

If the tank is big enough, you can put a divider in the center of it. Make sure it’s all the way up to the lid and made of a smooth service, as the leos will climb mesh and may try to squeeze over the top.

11/22/11  04:57pm

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