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 *** Shedding Emergency ***

Ok, so I got a couple of leopard gecko’s a few weeks ago from someone - since I have had them, they seem to be shedding, a lot!!!

Now, I have a large one (male I think) and a smaller one (female...again, I assume) - the female one has actually gotten her shed caught on one of her hands - so badly, that she actually moves around the tank on her elbow.....the shedding on her head is so much, that she can’t open her eyes...............

I have tried to pick her up to try and ’manually’ help the shedding along...but she refuses to be picked up (not sure how much they were handled).

She has gotten very skinny...and I am quite concerned....


10/01/11  12:24pm


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  Message To: DarkChaos   In reference to Message Id: 2238837

 *** Shedding Emergency ***

Call a local Petco or Petstore, ask for a good exotics vet. Try soaking her in warm water, and feed her waxworms, also as long as there is no infection on her toes, or anything unusal, they will just fall off. It might not just be a shedding problem take her to the vet ASAP! :) I will pray she’s okay. Try misting her tons too!

10/03/11  04:46pm

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