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 No digits :(

Hello everyone,

Just wondering, I recently acquired a new leopard gecko and i can see that shed was stuck on mostly all her toes and the toes seem to be dying off already, when i got her home i put her in warm water and try to take the skin off, with qtip and tweezer... but there is no reversing it, if i pull it seems the whole toe will come off with the shed, i feel really bad, but I can see it’s too late. They are in the process of falling off, some are black others are whitish... she seems very heatly and eats good, i just got her yesterday. Is there anything i can do for her? she already got a moist hide and everything she needs, do you think it’s hurting her? and if it heals, might she still be able to climb? (no claws)
that poor girl !

Any advice would be apreciated !

09/02/11  10:58pm


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 No digits :(

I’m very sorry about your leo.

09/25/11  09:19pm

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