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 Impacted/tumor--12 yr old male

Hey guys (sorry this is long),

I’ve had my gecko, Kumo for about 12 years and he’s currently been impacted for about 2-3 weeks. I took him to a vet about 4 months ago because he had an infection--she gave me some medicine and he seemed to recover just fine. He was eating fine pooping regularly and active.

I switched him off of sand substrate after the infection and I have kept him on paper towels ever since. When I first noticed he was not pooping (months since he’d been off the sand) I took him on a 3 hour car drive to visit my parents/take him to the vet. He pooped on the journey over (this was after I gave him a few drops of mineral oil), so I didn’t take him to the vet because of the cost. I did get them to have the herp vet call me and give me some advice. He said that given Kumo’s history and his age it might be a tumor--he said tumors can sometimes be an issue and can cause constipation/impaction and in that case there’s not much vets can do.

I’ve been giving him warm water baths and pedialyte mixed with baby food, I also give him a few drops of mineral oil every other day or so. He moves around a lot still and I’ve seen him straining--trying to poop--but all that ever comes out is the urine portion (the small white solids). I don’t know what to do--I’m moving 1100 miles in a week and a half and the local vet who specializes in herps is out for the next 2 weeks. I can’t make another trip up to the other vet (3 hours) before I leave either.

I’m mostly worried that if it is a tumor then he might slowly starve to death which I assume would take a long time, and I don’t want him to be in pain. Does anyone know if it would be a really awful death if he died from the impaction/tumor? I don’t want this to happen but after this amount of time I think it might. Kumo has never had any problems before this year...

Has anyone else heard of tumors causing impaction? I’ll try to call the vet office in town again to see if the vet is miraculously back in... Or maybe there will be a herp vet in my new area..

Any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated..


08/02/11  04:09pm


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 Impacted/tumor--12 yr old male

That’s terrible I am so sorry. He is old though :( I think you should just make him as happy as he can, also call the Petco people in your area and ask who their Leopard Gecko vet is. Give him many things like waxworms to make him happy.

10/03/11  04:50pm

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