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 Baby leo not eating!!

i have had my baby leopard gecko for almost 2 months tomorrow will be 2. the first week was great he ate and used the bathroom let me hold him. but now he hasn’t ate good for lyk almost a month he. i think he was impacted but i bathed him and he stated to try and use the bath room but it was runny that’s all it has been. HIS TAIL IS TINY AND HIS LIL HIPS ARE SHOWING NOW!!! i don’t have the money to go to vet. hes on reptile carpet has two big hides water and food dish. when he was eating it was crickets he would not eat meal worms! HELP!!!!!!

05/20/11  03:44pm


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  Message To: Dorksfall4me07   In reference to Message Id: 2220121

 Baby leo not eating!!

What are the temps and humidity?

Outside of that, you really do have to see that vet eventually. Find money. It’s a living animal that depends on you for crying out loud. Runny crap can be a sign of parasites, which would explain the lack of eating and the thinning. The vet will give you dewormers and test to see what the leo exactly has.

05/24/11  10:38pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2220878

 Baby leo not eating!!

I had the EXACT same problem with my baby leo but when I finally bout him a under the tank heater he went right back to normal and hasn’t had a problem since!

07/29/11  12:36am

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