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 Leopard gecko strange noises? burping/croaking???!!

okay... i have searched the net and found very ittle other than leopard gecko’s make high pitched noises when picked up whn they dont want picking up. My 5month old baby (only had him for one week) is well fed (yep... he has a great appetite!), well supplemented and has everything i have been told to give him. he fidgets a little when i pick him up and isnt scared when i put my hand in the cage in general (he comes and rests his nose on it and licks his lips lol!)

for the last 2 nights he has been making strange noises... like a burp or a croak. not high pitched, but almost frog like??? is this normal? does this mean he is unhappy? is there anything i can do??

would appreciate any help!! thanks!! xx

10/08/10  03:39pm


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  Message To: Charlichickxx   In reference to Message Id: 2179787

 Leopard gecko strange noises? burping/croaking???!!

Lizards lack a proper diaphragm, meaning they cannot breath right if upside down or facing a direction they were not meant to face. So if you handle a leo and hold it upsidedown or make it climb you vertically or start to tilt it in a wrong direction, they’ll make that noise.

They’ll make a similar noise if they’re put in a similar position in the tank, like if they’re climbing something straight up.

I’ve also had other gecko species make a low rrrrr growl at me. But that’s probably not what you’re experiencing.

If you don’t think this is the cause, then check for URI. Such as bubbles around the nostils and mucus in the mouth. That infection may have the lizard make a constant strange breathing sound as they open their mouth to inhale. A vet can treat this with antibiotics. And it’s very easy to spot, so if you don’t see visible signs, don’t suddenly assume this is the problem.

10/08/10  03:53pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2179790

 Leopard gecko strange noises? burping/croaking???!!

KrazyKelli told you what it is.Just don’t freak out and throw it.

06/03/11  08:53pm

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