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 Reptile carpet.

Just got a new 3 ft viv for my geckos. I ditched the sand i had in it (due to all the bad stuff that could happen)

I have replaced it with Zoo Med Repti Cage Carpet. Is this the best alternative?

The trio all seem to like there new home and are busy exploring it. Will post pics soon

02/24/10  12:12pm


Reptic guy
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  Message To: RjAmelcorn   In reference to Message Id: 2126659

 Reptile carpet.

Repti Carpet is great it is my personal favorite.

It looks kinda natural as well!

02/24/10  05:21pm


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  Message To: Reptic guy   In reference to Message Id: 2126751

 Reptile carpet.

It looks great! I think repti carpet is one of the best things out there for leos so you shouldn’t have any problems with it. I’ve used it in other cages as well and it’s one of the best substrates in my opinion.

03/03/10  01:46pm


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  Message To: Shive   In reference to Message Id: 2129339

 Reptile carpet.

I personally use paper towels :) cheap and easy to clesn. Just throw away and replace lol.. But ive heard good and bad things about carpet. some people never have a problem with it, but some say there leos toe nails get caught and causes them to lose there nail :(.. So it just depends how YOU feel about it

05/21/10  10:51pm


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  Message To: SlightlyInsane   In reference to Message Id: 2149587

 Reptile carpet.

Regardless of what you use, you should just make sure your gecko has the option to go into a cool/humid hide if it wants to.

05/22/10  10:58am


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  Message To: Sulfurboy1o3   In reference to Message Id: 2149670

 Reptile carpet.

reptile carpet is horrible i was using it for a year and 2 of my geckos lost there foot to infection
i would ditch it and go with paper towels with no ink on them (pictures)
its cheaper and easier to clean

06/06/10  03:20am


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  Message To: Corbinscoots   In reference to Message Id: 2153523

 Reptile carpet.

I like the carpet. It’s what I use for my gecko. In my opinion, its really easy to clean, and mine has really short hairs to where you couldn’t catch a needle on it if you tried.

To clean, I just take out the carpet, turn the dirty side down, then run scalding water over it. All the poo and ick just washes off, and the carpet is waterproof so all the water drains away in about five or ten minutes.

Are you guys getting a different carpet than I am? I think of it as miracle bedding...
I’ve never had any negative thoughts about it.

07/19/10  10:41pm


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  Message To: FiyrDragon5   In reference to Message Id: 2163662

 Reptile carpet.

you got alot of alternatives!

My original female Clave is on repti-carpet! brown, looks lovely and goes with her deco!

My male jax is on tiles
my other tissue is on paper towels
and my other female Izzy is on lyno/vinyl.

08/12/10  04:13pm


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  Message To: RepticTay   In reference to Message Id: 2168968

 Reptile carpet.

Yeh I got repti carpet and it seems to work well.

10/19/10  12:56pm


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  Message To: RjAmelcorn   In reference to Message Id: 2126659

 Reptile carpet.

is sand good for it? thats what they use in petco... oh well guess i will try it out! :P

06/18/11  09:59pm


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  Message To: MyLittleLion   In reference to Message Id: 2225623

 Reptile carpet.

No, sand or any other loose substrate should be avoided. PETCO makes a horrible example of how to care for your animal, I can’t count how many times I left PETCO with a churning stomach from looking at all their dying geckos.

06/18/11  10:06pm


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  Message To: Reflex   In reference to Message Id: 2225628

 Reptile carpet.

As for the OP, I think reptile carpet is.... alright I guess for some people. It’s extremely hard to sanitize and eventually smells like poo no matter how much you clean it. I’ve tried:

Reptile carpet (2 brands)
Home depot "astro turf"
Pine pellets
Paper towels

and to be honest.... I prefer the paper towels. lol

06/18/11  10:09pm

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