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 European Legless Lizard Observations

Hello! I am the somewhat recent owner of a European giant legless lizard. I have observed some interesting things about him/her in the few months I have owned him. It would be great for all the owners of this interesting creature could compile a list of different behaviors your lizard has shown. For instance, when I feed my lizard, he opens his mouth up really wide like a baby bird and hisses when he grabs it off the ground or tongs. He also does a Huffing sound when he digs, cleaning the dirt from his nose. I am working on taming him in a similar way you would tame a skink as he acts like a grumpy skink when upset. I believe this can be a very cool pet to have and feel it is under appreciated in the reptile world!

I am concerned about my lizard though because I heard him cough a few times yesterday and once this morning. I’m keeping an eye on him and am hoping nothing is wrong. obviously respiratory infection comes to mind, but it that is what it turns out to be, I am really at a loss as to what to do. I know how to treat a restitory infection in other reptiles but am not sure if the treatment would be different for a legless? I will probably take him to a vet if he seems to be worsening. Maybe get him sexed while I’m at it. Anyway, it’s things like this that need to change! Where is the legless lizard community?! We need to pass out knowledge to others! I see a lot of questions about them but not a lot of answers. I have questions as well, and can answer a few too. Let’s band together and give this lizard the appreciation it deserves! :D

03/12/16  11:46am

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