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 Care questions

As im told they are legal as pets?

Ummm i would like one, but i want to know their care first?
like lighting heating diet etc.

Also and where can i get one from?

I like in west midlands warwickshire?

01/14/09  04:24pm


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 Care questions

here this is the care sheet (I did not wright this)

Care Sheet for Legless Lizards
Average Rating Given To This Care Sheet Is 2.86 (1=lowest, 5=highest) Last Updated: 07/16/2005
Main Category: Lizards
Sub Category: Legless Lizards
Care Sheet Submitted By: Anonymous
Years Experience: Under 1 Year
Species: Eastern glass lizard
Other Species or Phases this Care Sheet May Cover: legless lizards
Sexing and Characteristics: I saw mine mating so i found out what their sex was.
Mostly Active During: None
Substrate and Water Needs: Always have clean water available. water dish has to be big enough for the lizard to fit in it and soak during shedding. Provide at least two hiding spots, they love to hide.

Since my lizards are wild caught, i use dirt from my backyard that has no fertilizers. if your lizard is store bought, use the same kind as they had in store, if its wild caught use the dirt from the area in which you found it.

Lighting and UVB: I never use uv lights and they did great.
(they started breeding)

one 40 watt bulb is good for basking.
(in the morning, i leave it on for about an hour)
Temperatures and Humidity: I keep mine at room temperature inside the house. ( 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit)
Heating and Equipment: Undertank heating only. Please dont use heat rocks.
Caging Provided: 15 gallon at least for one or two lizards.
20 gallon is better though, they are not climbers so use long cages.
Diet: Carnivorous
Description of Diet: I feed mine about 5 crickets (each lizard) every other day
i also feed them earthworms, mealworms and small frogs(sometimes).
Supplements, Nutrition and Usage: Dust crickets w/ calcium powder once a week.
Maintenance: Very easy to maintain, just provide clean water everyday and scoop up poop as soon as possible (it will really stink up your room if not removed quickly.)
Some Words on this Species: Not very good pets for people who like active pets. These lizards like to bury and hide all day except when feeding.
Never pick them up by their tail, IT WILL BRAKE OFF VERY EASILY!
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Please keep all comments constructive to Eastern glass lizard husbandry methods and care. Any degrading, sarcastic, or disrespectful comments will be removed

01/18/09  07:34am


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  Message To: Geckoboy97   In reference to Message Id: 1934336

 Care questions

Provide a UVB bulb 5.0 and heat bulb during the day, I have observed them in the wild being active in the day and basking. Temps should be upper 70’s on cool side and upper 90’s on warm side. If you use an under tank heater get a thermostat to control it or you run the risk of burning the underside of your lizard. They absolutely love to eat anole lizards, if you don’t want to feed them that then insects are fine. 20 gal long tank should be the minimum size cage. Bigger is better. They like to hide under long flat rocks or logs. Substrate should be dirt or eco earth. Also put fake vines lying on the ground so they can crawl in and out of them. Water bowl is good but you should also mist them twice a day, morning and night to keep up the humidity. Humidity should be 50-80 at different times of the day. The more you simulate nature the healthier and longer they will live. Hope this helps you out:)

02/05/09  05:16pm

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