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 Sick or Starving Burton’s. :(

Hey All...
I bought my 8 year old a Burton’s Legless Lizard a couple of months ago. We were told by the pet shop, and two reptile stores in particular, that he would eat crickets and mealworms.
We never saw him eat, but he stayed active and the crickets seemed to disappear.
This week, none of the crickets are gone, and he is obviously emaciated. My son caught a house gecko and a green anole and we put them in the tank in hopes that he’ll eat them.
The substrate in the tank is the woodchip/dirt mix that was recommended by the pet store. He has a heating pad on the side of his tank, and a heat lamp on the other end on a timer.
He has a fairly large water bowl that’s kept clean and full.
If you have ANY thoughts or suggestions for me, I’d surely appreciate it. I’ve searched and searched online, but have found little to no information. The pet stores are of no use...I’m hoping you owners can help me out.
Thanks in advance!

06/19/08  03:46pm


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 Sick or Starving Burton’s. :(

Repfanatic should be able to help you the most. I believe Repfanatic has the most experience out of everyone on this forum when it come to this specie. I would suggest PMing Repfanatic.

As far as I can tell, you have him on the wrong diet. Its possible the meal worms turned to beetle and left, and the crickets died or escaped. He may have eaten a few, but thats not the normal diet of a Burton’s LL. You should start breeding house geckos/anoles or ordering them.

Its a shame, so many buy Burton’s because they are gorgeous, but due to lack of experience and information in the pet trade new owners get told crickets are fine. In reality, you should never buy one unless you are prepared to breed geckos/anoles or constantly purchase them.

Simply catching lizards for him to eat is not acceptable. This one time is an exception since you didn’t know. Wild reptiles can introduce parasites and diseases to your captive herps. Avoid feeding them at all cost.

Here is some stuff we need to know:
What temperature is your tank(measured via temp gun or digital probe)?
What bulbs are you using? (brand names and all info you can give please)?
When was he last looked at by a vet? What were the results?
What size is the tank?
Is he defecating? Drinking?
What vitamins/supplements are you giving?
What is the substrate(Please be specific. coconut fiber, pine, cedar, etc.)?
Is he still moving?
What is his current weight and length?
Please provide any and all info you think may also be important.

Right now I suggest at least calling your local exotics vet to get an opinion or make an appointment. If he is refusing to eat or drink, a vet will need to intervene.

06/21/08  02:51am


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  Message To: Katdb70   In reference to Message Id: 1766409

 Sick or Starving Burton’s. :(

Ok. Here’s what I do with my Burton’s.
tank: 20 long
heat and light: 10.0 UVB, heat lamp w/ 65 watt household bulb for basking. heat pad with thermostat set to 85 on warm side.
temps: basking- 85-90. warm side- 83-85. cool side- 80
substrate: eco earth and aspen bedding
diet: Mine eats some crickets, but I feed him an anole once a week....sometimes twice a week as his main food source. Not too fond of the wild caught lizards since they can carry parasites.

I’m sure I’m leaving things out. I’m not on here too much, so if you have anymore questions please PM me. I’d recommend getting him to the vet and getting the supplies and food you are missing first. Good luck.

06/23/08  02:02am

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