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 New European Legless Lizard

I just got my first legless lizard, a European L L, or sheltopusik (Ophisaurus apodus). I took these two pictures. They could be better, but I didnt want to stress him out while hes just starting to get settled.

By the way, whats the best substrate to use for this species? At the reptile store, they recommended bark, but then I heard that its not a good idea to use that substrate for a lizard that eats inside its vivarium.

12/30/07  12:16am


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  Message To: CoffeeCreature   In reference to Message Id: 1560807

 New European Legless Lizard

They recommended bark because it is commonly used for snakes. Snakes have stronger scales, legless lizards are easily scratched and beaten up by rough substrate.

You should use a mixture of sand and coconut fiber/ sterilized soil. 50/50 or 25 sand/75 coconut fiber/soil. Your going to want about 5 inches of the mix in your tank. Try to keep it from getting too moist. Id say just mist the top every day, maybe twice depending on how dry/hot your house is.

What size is your tank?

I understand trying not to overwhelm him but I recommend you get grape vine for him to climb on soon. Nothing to elaborate, go for more of a log look or fallen branches, not a tree top.If you want, you can get some rocks as well. If you put them under your heat source, your lizard will curl up next to it because they hold heat well.

Completely optional but you may want to look into an under tank heater. Get the lowest watt you can and dont let it cover the tank completely. Keeps the dirt warm, but you will have to turn the soil every other day to prevent bacteria.

01/08/08  06:24am


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  Message To: PrinceSushi   In reference to Message Id: 1573233

 New European Legless Lizard

I got an under tank heater as part of the original set-up. She definitely appreciates it. It’s under one of the hides, so she doesn’t have to choose between hiding and staying warm.

After a day on the bark, I switched to a coconut fiber and sand mix. I mist it every day, just before feeding her. I’ve been making it about two inches deep. I’ll try adding sterilized soil and making it deeper.

I gave her some drift wood to climb on (the kind they sell at reptile stores) and a broader water bowl. She enjoys burrowing in the substrate and climbing on the driftwood.

The tank is 2.5 ft long, as long as she is. I plan to move her to a 4’ x 2’ x 2’ vivarium within the next few months. I read that this is the recommended size for a full-grown adult (4 - 4.5 ft long). I want to outfit the larger enclosure with even more hides and branches to climb on.

She’s doing well. I got her checked out by a vet and treated for parasites. Now her scales are shinier, she’s more active, and she’s got a very healthy appetite. I’ll post more pics after I get my camera fixed.

02/11/08  06:16pm


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  Message To: CoffeeCreature   In reference to Message Id: 1619872

 New European Legless Lizard

Hi CoffeeCreature. I just recently bought one of these legless lizards. Hes full grown at about 3 feet. Im just curious about the temperament of your legless lizard. Mine is very difficult to handle, he rolls over and hisses. And what does yours like to eat? Ive only fed mine superworms so far, any other suggestions?

11/09/08  12:17pm


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  Message To: DragonQueen4   In reference to Message Id: 1895625

 New European Legless Lizard

very cool LL

03/24/09  03:43pm

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