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 Glass lizard for research

This may sound like an odd request but I am at a dead end. I am currently a graduate student completing my thesis research on the study of forearm function in tyrannosaurid dinosaurs, specifically T. rex. I am preparing a new specimen of T. rex and also attempting to complete a comparative anatomy study by using some extant (living, modern) relatives of T. rex. I have an emu, some chickens, and an alligator to start my study. But I am desperately trying to get a glass lizard to dissect. I do not want to euthanize (kill) a specimen, I WILL NOT KILL ANY SPECIMENS. I have obtained all my specimens after they were already deceased, and also hope to obtain a glass lizard in this manner. I am also looking for an iguana or monitor. I can pay for shipping on any specimen and would prefer them fresh, not frozen. If anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.

11/27/06  11:25pm

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