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 Questions on Jeweled Lacertas

Hello, Forum Members,

Is there anywhere here who has Jeweled Lacertas? Iím very seriously considering getting a male and female from Bert at Agama International, but wanted to ask some questions first.

The first question concerns their relative tameness. I have read a lot of different things about this quality in these particular lizards. Some say they get very tame and can be easily handled, while others say they are skittish/flighty and often bite. As always, Iím sure there is considerable differences in individuals, and how much proper handling they receive.

Second: just what is the right minimum tank/cage size for a pair of these animals?

Third: will they take anything other than live prey for food? Iím thinking of supplementing with a very high-grade, natural cat food like Natural Balance (which has worked wonders in my Irian Jaya BTS).

Thank you.


04/28/05  09:34pm


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  Message To: Oghmius   In reference to Message Id: 326712

 Questions on Jeweled Lacertas

Have kept lacertas in the past, donít have any at the moment. My experience is that they are flighty and can give you a nasty nip. As most of them are wild caught, they do not take well to captivity and donít enjoy being handled.

Why would you feed a smallish lizard like this catfood? They eat the usual crix and locusts, and I supplemented mine with mealworms and spiders.

Hope this helps!

05/05/05  10:02am

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