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 New Jeweled Lacerta!

I got a Jeweled Lacerta at the Repticon Expo today! The adult the lady had was just so awesome and tame I fell in love with them so I got myself a smaller male, she said it was born in January so its about a year old now, I already had a 40 gallon(my old beardies cage) and a few cork bark pieces and just had to get a 75 watt for heat. I went and got some top soil today and mixed it with playsand to hold a burrow. I’m definitely new to this genus but I think i’v got the basics down. I just need to throw a water bowl in there still. Any suggestions or advise on Lacertas is much appreciated. Still have to name him also still thinking of that but here he is!

12/15/12  08:23pm

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