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 Some new pictures

Here’s some italian wall lizard and jeweled lacerta pictures. The jeweleds are just over a month old.

07/06/10  10:13am


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  Message To: Ameivaboy   In reference to Message Id: 2160725

 Some new pictures

You have some heaven on earth there. They all look happy as clams. Nice and plump. Really gorgeous creatures. I hope they bring you much enjoyment with their antics.
I’ll let you know how the cricket farming works out. Listening to one sing from under the refrigerator right now. Sometimes you just need a cricket magnet. Think I’ll try some thing smelly to get him out, then put him in the breeder bind.

07/19/10  07:08pm


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  Message To: Loriloveslizards   In reference to Message Id: 2163602

 Some new pictures

That is beutifull.

01/25/11  05:04pm

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