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Help my lacerate his name is Sparta and he got attacked by my other laser ta they are both mails but i have them in a 50 breeder with lots of hides and things to climb on. Any why he got pretty badly beaten up. this happed 3 days ago he is breathing and moving a bit. Should i got to the vet or let him heal himself because he was bleeding and that stopped a few hours after it happed and he can move everything but he seems to be gasping for air. I have him now in the same tank but in a smaller container with the lid off and he has the whole 50 to himself. He has lots of water I have been using a syringe to get him to drink. He is also lying on damp moss and has the heat on him all this time what do I go from here.

07/04/10  11:22pm


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  Message To: Sparta18   In reference to Message Id: 2160451


Well, is seems they fought because they got bored just looking at each other.

I’m not sure if a vet will be able to help. But if you have access, I’d take him. He might have internal injuries that you can not see and unless he is very strong, well I’m sure you have considered the other out come. If he is still struggling to breath, there probably isn’t much you or the vet can do at this point.

You are going to have to continue to watch and hope he can pull through, or do something that was recommended to me (by a very kind and knowledable Lacerta keeper), that would be to wrap him in paper towels, tape them shut and put him into the freezer to go to sleep. It isn’t cruel, has to be better than having him suffer.

Sorry, to hear your boy has fallen victim to his cage mate. But even females fight. That is why they need really big cages and one male per cage. They just don’t understand any better and get bored pretty easily, it is in born into them. Almost to smart for their own good somedays.

07/05/10  11:32am


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  Message To: Sparta18   In reference to Message Id: 2160451


Where was it bleeding from?
You’ll need a new cage if it survives. What kind of lacertas are these?
Even if they were smaller species like Podarcis(wall lizards) a 50 is much too small for 2 males.
I have an indoor cage that is 48 x 24 x 36 which is much larger than a 50 and 2 males could not coincide in that.

Is it eating basking and otherwise acting normal?

If it doesnt look like it’s doing well then it probably wont make it, i would suggest the freezer.
Even if the Vet found internal injuries I dont beleive there is much that can be done about it.

07/06/10  10:21am


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  Message To: Ameivaboy   In reference to Message Id: 2160727


First of all... What species do you have?

He definitely needs to go in his own cage, and as long as he is mobile enough to go from the basking spot and back to the cool side then he can thermoregulate and might make it, but if he can’t go between the two he will have WAY more trouble pulling through. You might want to ask a vet about the syringe watering, that may just be extra stress on top of it all. I would recommend misting him with a bottle and he will be able to lick droplets from his face and rocks/leaves around him. Also tweezer feeding would probably be the least stressful way at this point.

# Make sure he can thermoregulate.
# Mist water.
#Tweezer feed.

Keep us posted and we will do our best to help.


07/11/10  08:24pm


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  Message To: Gus308   In reference to Message Id: 2161904


sparta is doing much better now he went to the vet and 350$ later i found out he has a Broken arm and did not suffer any other damage I am feeding him with a syringe and he still will not move much but that’s the arm. thanks for your help and Sparta is just a regular jewelled lacerta. i would like to post and image but im new and dont know much of this site

07/12/10  11:50am

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