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 Normal behavior?

Question for other Wall Lizard keepers please.

My two females, Gilda & Greta, have never liked each other much and I get it. I got a young male about a month ago and Gilda chases him around the cage. Greta doesn’t bother him and sometimes lays next to him.

Is Gilda just showing the male that she is the dominate lizard in the group? Or should I be worried about the young Valentino?

I’m really hoping that over time they will work it out, but she (Gilda) did have her mouth around his head/neck the second or third day he was in the cage.

Will the male get more control as he ages? Also, how old before the male starts courting one or the other of the females?

Appreciate all of your help. Love the info. pictures and videos. You guys are great. Thank you!!!

03/15/10  09:51pm


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  Message To: Loriloveslizards   In reference to Message Id: 2133173

 Normal behavior?

One important rule for keeping Podarcis ssp. : Only keep one male and one female in a cage !
Pics of your lizards aviable ?


03/17/10  02:04pm


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  Message To: Podarcis-fan   In reference to Message Id: 2133618

 Never going to like each other I fear.

Well I’ve two girls and am not going to turn one loose, so they will have to work it out.
The enclosure is small compared to other’s, just 24x18x18. I’ve reconfigured it here over the last couple of weeks to take out the back wall (glass all around now), as my girls kept hiding out behind that fake thing, driving me to distraction. So now the cage is all silk plants and Magnatural shelves with a hide. 7 shelves and a medium hide. Still they have lots of cork as they really like to burrow beneath that and it affords them some privacy as they are foraging for crickets.
Now getting pics of any of them is a task, as I only see one lizard at a time. There are two or three flying around the cage on a regular basis, but they don’t hang together at all.

Poor young Valentino had one of my mean girls snip his tail a tad!

I’ll try and get a pic of at least one to post and some new pics of the digs. It really looks like a jungle now!! I think they like it, but they don’t exactly know how to tell me.

I did see one of them rubbing on a couple of the new shelves earlier today. Leaving her scent? Do they do that? Or just getting ready to shed?
Lovely creatures. Really pleased with my little lizards.

03/27/10  08:31pm


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  Message To: Loriloveslizards   In reference to Message Id: 2136547

 Never going to like each other I fear.

Changed the Wall Lizard’s cage up quite a bit with hopes that they would stay out and not keep hiding. The cage is all magnaturaled out now. Still only seeing one female and the male out together at any given time. Never seeing all three. I do hope they like the new setup. I think it is pretty cool for a small jam packed cage. My husband thinks I’m mad, but I am what I am, what else to say? Except, I think I can put another small ledge in there somehow!

04/08/10  09:50pm

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