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 Curly Tails eggs laying

Another egg question for those that read my other post about my Veild.

My 2 curly tail lizards are laying eggs (fertile) but they won’t use the nesting box and just lay them anywhere, which means they get moved about making it in possible for me to successfully incubate them. They have not even gone into the nesting box which is a plastic container with play sand in. My geckos use the same style box and always lay in it.

Any ideas?

Sorry I know this is the Lacerta forum but its the closes forum for Curly Tails

09/18/08  07:11am


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  Message To: Reptile_dan   In reference to Message Id: 1862428

 Curly Tails eggs laying

well there’s something wrong with your nesting situation for them (that’s what they are telling you) try something other than sand. I have never used sand for a layiung medium for any species. Try soil, mulch, eco earth etc. try different substrates with varying amounts of moisture in different laying containers. The more options you provide, the better your chances. good luck.

10/01/08  08:51pm

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