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I have just discovered what i got as a green tree skink is in actual fact a lecerta so if you could tell what type it is and give me some info thatwould be great. The temps are in the 80ís at the mo he has a big water dish a log hide(even though hes made a burow underneath his water bowl) some basking slate and lots of branches and decor. Substrate is wood chipson sand, she gets fed meal worms and crickets every ohter day. Because i adopted hi after i did work experience witha pet shop they had only just got it in from the RSPCA and had it in a small faunarium. It wasnt use to captivity and so was quite aggresive in a small space biteing some of the staff so they werent keen on stressing it out anymore by trying to get it to live with other animals or sell it yet. Anyway shes really calm now doesnt like being handled but i guess some lizards just dont, shes housed with a small brown skink but he was bullied at the pet store being kept with larger animals and he dropped his tail but now their both really happy they bask together and sleep together but i think the lacerta is a little more social then the skink. Here are some photos to help identify shes green with black spots.

Shes camera shy

And just for fun her companion.

09/21/07  02:53pm

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