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Hajci-Juci   Roodkeelanolis  
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 Holaspis guentheri

2 days ago i bought a Holaspis guntheri, a female one. Since then Iíve been searching for any information on Holaspis-care, but i havenít managed yet. Sheís not my first Lacerta though, thatís why i bought her. She looks beautiful by the way :) Iíd be grateful for any kind of help on how to keep this little lizard...

08/25/07  06:18am


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  Message To: Hajci-Juci   In reference to Message Id: 1418467

 Holaspis guentheri

try this site:, you need to subscribe (but it is free), you have to look at the e-zine volume 2001 number 3. It is a very good article about how to keep Holaspis guentheri

good luck


09/22/07  11:26am

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