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 Need help iding.


Last week I was in chinatown and was wondering when I felt this force drag me into a small shop. This little old asian guy who looked like Mr. Myagi from Karate kid told me that he had something for me. He open a small box and to my amazement was a lizard like animal. He told me it was known as a Chinese Fireball and if I took on this challenge of raising it would bless me and my ancestors with good fortune. He said that I need to feed it small children once every month on the full moon. Does any one know if this is related to the Komodo Dragon or if this is new to science. Also if you have experience with this species I would like to know because I thought it would be off color to ask the old asian guy.. do they need to be asian children or can they be white children. Because I live in Texas there are not a lot of asian children here so I would need a supply and LLL reptile doesn’t stock them. So If you know any one who breeds them let me know, plus any care sheets would be appreciated.

here is a pic of my new baby!!!!!!

Dustin Vaughn

10/31/13  09:51am

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