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I thought Komodo Dragons bit their prey then it gets infected and it dies. I keep hearing that they are venomous but I think the only venomous lizards are Gila monsters and Mexican beaded lizards.

11/28/10  02:18pm


Nile/water monitors
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Its my understanding that all monitors have a anticoagulant in their saliva that causes excessive bleeding when the monitor bites its prey. This causes the prey animal to go into shock. I heard that a dissection was performed on a deceased Komodo and they found glands between the teeth, Some scientist want to re-classify the Komodo as venomous? But the "anticoagulant" doesn’t work like "venom", venom destroys living tissue and destroys the central nervous system to subdue the prey. The Komodo depends on blood loss and shock to bring down prey. This is my understanding at this time.

11/30/10  07:47am


Hippie Herps
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The Komodo Dragon, as well as many other monitor species, have been proven to have venom glands. There is no delivery system such as the venom duct connected to a grooved or hollow tooth. The four species of Beaded Lizards; Heloderma horridum horridum, H. h. exasperatum, H. h. alvarezi, and H. h. charlesbogerti and the two species of Gila Monster; H. suspectum suspectum, and H. s. cinctum are the only truly venomous lizards that have a venom gland connected to a grooved tooth by a venom gland. The one that I have experienced was a bite from was the Desert Monitor, Varanus griseus griseus. The worst of it was over the first three days when the finger was swollen 3x from the tip of the finger bitten to about half of my hand. After five days all swelling was gone and pain was very minimal. I hope this helps with the questions about Venomous lizards and lizards that have venom glands. There are actually a few great papers on the subject that deal specifically with Komodos.

12/18/10  04:39pm

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