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 Komodo Island(Lot of Pic)

i’ve seen there’s a lot of thread about komodo dragon that not serious,
so ill post my 3days trip to Komodo Island last Holliday.

a little introduction about Komodo Island from wiki:
Komodo is one of the 17,508 islands that make up the Republic of Indonesia. The island has a surface area of 390 km² and over 2000 inhabitants. The inhabitants of the island are descendants of former convicts who were exiled to the island and who have mixed themselves with the Bugis from Sulawesi. The population are primarily adherents of Islam but there are also Christian and Hindu minorities.

Maybe everyone has already understand Komodo dragon because they not so different from the other monitor lizard in behaviour, so ill just post the photo.

Question& critics are welcome

Enterance to Rinca Island(Komodo)

Crowds of Komodo on Ranger station

They are over something

The victim before


(The Komodo dragon eats almost everything except the skull, the backbone,and hip bone)

They are very lazy on sunny days(maybe everyday )

Meet our brave Ranger

They finally up moving after getting a little interference

A brave youngster(because his live will end if he meet the large one)

This is a fascinating trip because this is the first time i saw the monitors on their natural habitat.
Question& critics are welcome

*I can’t upload some images because ill send them to animal photo contest on my country, hope it can win something
*sorry if you feel disturbed with my watermarks. There’s a lot of thief on my country that will use my image on their promotional web or calendar with free if i not use something like this.

09/24/10  10:25pm


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  Message To: Waw!!   In reference to Message Id: 2177330

 Komodo Island(Lot of Pic)

Rinca island from wiki:

Rincah, also known as Rinca and Rindja, is a small island near Komodo island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The island is famous for komodo dragons, giant lizards that can measure up to three meters (ten feet) long. Rincah is also populated with many other species such as wild pigs, buffalos and many birds.
Being less known and less visited than Komodo it is an excellent place to see the Komodo Dragon in its natural environment with fewer people to disturb them. Day trips can be arranged from Labuanbajo on Flores by small boat at the park headquarters.
The island’s area is 198 km2.[1]

09/24/10  11:28pm


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  Message To: Waw!!   In reference to Message Id: 2177354

 Komodo Island(Lot of Pic)

Waw...that is amazing!!! and Thanks for sharing. It’s awesome to have you here and welcome to the forums.

We are fond of Blue Tongue skinks and wonder if you see those also??

I see you on the Iguana forum and wish the best with all your reptiles


ps. don’t worry about the watermark ...that’s horrible about the theft, sorry.

09/25/10  08:56pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2177474

 Komodo Island(Lot of Pic)

Thanks Chris... Sometimes you must visit komodo too, its very interesting
I don’t see any blue tonge there. If not mistaken Blue tongue lives near Papua new guinea, and I have never go there.

Thanks and wish the best for all your reptile to.

09/26/10  12:38pm

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