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Lolsavannahh   Maxcat  

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 Mexican Black Kingsnake!

I’ve had my MBK for 3 months now and he eats once a week, very excitedly, but I have not found one of his poops.. ever.
He’s shed perfectly twice now and his heating is great, just at 90 and drops to about 72 at night give or take.. His enclosure is a 20L which is kind of big considering his size ( he;s just a baby.. a bit bigger than the size of a pencil in width ), but it is heavily decorated with lots of hides and foliage so he can’t be bored or stressed due to open space. He drinks just fine as well.
I’ve cleaned his tank every month since I’ve had him and even picked through the bedding in hopes of finding poop but with no luck at all. Should I be concerned? This is the first colubrid I’ve ever owned and all my past snakes have always always pooped about a week after eating.

01/16/18  08:52pm


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  Message To: Lolsavannahh   In reference to Message Id: 2321780

 Mexican Black Kingsnake!

How much are you feeding him? Assuming his poop isn’t just kinda camouflaged, his prey may just be mostly liquifying in his digestive tract and end up being smaller than you’d expect...maybe?

05/11/18  05:34pm

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