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 Worried about King

Hi my son has left me with his California King snake to babysit for a yr..He has been eating like a champ..I notice it lately (last month) poking around at top of cage appearing to trying to get out..there is a Guinea pig on other side of the room so I assumed he’s smelling that..he’s been hiding under the water dish(his favorite place) for the last 3 days I’m getting worried looked at him eyes are clear yet isn’t eating ..he has a day light on all day and red night light 10-10 ..water dish side is 80 other side is 70-75 ..should I pry him out don’t wanna piss him off but y all of sudden is he hiding..the Guinea pig has been here 3 months already so he’s not new..we’re looking right now for another place to put him figuring that’s probably drivin him nuts..I noticed he was quite active before this and eating well he’s almost doubled in size in these 3mths..any advice would be appreciated..Thank u

09/04/17  10:20pm

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