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 New King snake staying burrowed?

So I got a new kingsnake five days ago and she is about two months old. She is my first snake so I am a little new to this whole thing but I’ve been reading about snakes and their care for years now. She isn’t coming out at all and she is just staying burrowed in her substrate. I know this can be normal but she’s been hiding for 24+ hour periods. Is she just adjusting to her new home? Is her cage too cold (I keep it at 78 ish in the middle, heating pad on one side)? Is she going into shed because she’s a young snake and is growing fast? Does she need more or less hides? Or smaller hides? I have two hide boxes in there for her, one is about four inches diameter and the other is a long log with two large entrances. I offered her a frozen thawed pinkie and left it in her cage for about six hours, and even moved it around with tongs to further entice her, sadly she was still burrowed in the substrate so wasn’t even aware there was food for her. I know the sign of a snake in shed, but she isn’t coming out of her bedding so I can’t check that she is, should I move her water bowl over the that warm side of the tank to be sure? I know it could probably just be that she is small and scared and adjusting to her new surroundings, but better safe than sorry and I thought it’d be better to have a second or third opinion. Thank you!

09/02/17  09:08pm

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