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 Help! Lines of raised scales on my king snake. Any advice?

So my Albino Californian King Snake Fruitella is 4 and I have had her since she was a hatchling, she’s the perfect snake! She’s very friendly, has always been very active, loves people, never had a problem with feeding or anything to be honest. she’s a little fatty, and will even eat when she’s ready to shed, to be honest I think she would eat everyday if she had half the chance. (Obviously would never let her!) About 7 months ago I noticed she had lines down her body and her scales on these lines had raised and kind of bent outwards, I thought something may have been catching on her so I removed a plant like thing from her tank that I suspected to be the culprit and I put them down to scaring but they just never went no matter how many times she shed, they have become more visible but I put that down to her getting bigger. I am now worried that she may be overweight, and these lines may be ’fat pockets’ I have read about. As I said before she’s a fantastic feeder, I give her a small mouse every 7-10 days and throw a rat in instead every month or so to switch it up. Every now and then my other halfs snake (Also a Cali King, but a bit more fussy with feeding) wouldn’t eat his, so we would give it to Fruitella as she still seemed hungry, but when we did this we would not feed her for around 10 days. She seems to also not be as active as she used to be, she never used to chill out at all and now it seems that’s all she does unless I have her out! I know what effect weight problems can have on a snakes health and I don’t want my Fruitella to be in any discomfort or to be unhealthy in any way. She is around 3.5 foot and I’m not sure on her weight as I don’t have anything to weigh her with anymore.

I would really really appreciate any advice anyone can give!

Thank you in advanced!

11/24/16  04:27am

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