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 King Snake trying to eat tail?? Help!!

Alright. So I’ve had my king snake a little over 2 years. Never any issues until recently, last time I tried to feed her she wouldn’t eat, tried 3 days in a row. Finally gave up. About 20 minutes ago I went to hold her and she has literally begun swallowing her tail, at least a couple inches, I read online and tried the few drops of water near her mouth technique and still nothing. In the midst of my research came across a few postings about it being super harmful for the snakes and they can end up killing themselves. Blah blah blah. So of course now I’m worried. Figured I’d turn to people who know more than I do. I’m assuming it’s because she’s hungry so obviously tomorrow I will be picking her up 3 nice to feast on, but in the mean time.. Should I be worried about her?? Don’t wanna go to sleep not knowing what’s going on! Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

03/20/16  08:18pm

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