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 Young cali king with stiff, arthritis-like movements

My 4-foot California king eats like clockwork, sheds effortlessly, defecates and urinates regularly and seems as healthy and alert and normal as can be in every way. Except that when he moves his body frequently locks up, not board stiff but like a bike chain that needs W240. It seems to happen most acutely when he’s agitated or being handled, which is usually only when taking him out to feed him or clean his enclosure (which is as long as he is, so plenty of room to stretch out).

I’ve had him for a year and he’s always done this, and it doesn’t appear to affect his health or functioning otherwise, but I’ve never had or worked with another snake with this issue before. If it were anything similar to IBD he wouldn’t still be so healthy otherwise. Could it be just a stress response? A nerve issue? Perhaps the result of an injury?

07/11/15  02:06am


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  Message To: Undeadmedic   In reference to Message Id: 2314208

 Young cali king with stiff, arthritis-like movements

I have a cali king ...wonderful guy actually... and he does this knee jerk reaction too. AGITATED Often it imitates the kinked jerky motion of a horse being touched on the flanks ... the Twitch is quite noticeably ...but after a few seconds he calms down...stops jerking and starts to glide along like normal. It only happens when I open the enclosure and reach in to get him... after the first 30 seconds or so he relaxes and becomes comfortable. Its as if he is trying to body slam the object that is touching him. Or push it away.

He was raised on frozen thawed .. so when I introduced him to fresh killed he was really awkward ...he never really learned to constrict like all my other kings do.... with 3-4 coils wrapped over the prey.

He holds his down more like a corn snake. 1 coil ... a few scattered body coils everywhere but the rodent, pressing down or against. But he eats like a

He his not really impaired as you might seem to think yours is... I dont think so ... just a bit quirky...agitated... defensive Other than that ...Only Boas and pythons can contract IBD.

OK ...just rambling now... sorry went on so long

07/13/15  02:14pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2314228

 Young cali king with stiff, arthritis-like movements

probably a part of his survival mechanism. snakes can do a lot of strange things when they are scared or pissed. if he is sluggish along with this symptom he is probably just cold. if he is not sluggish to strike than it’s something else. put on a leather glove and when he is moving stiff get him to strike if he is quick to coil and strike then no clue other than strange survival adaptation. don’t pull away when he strikes just let him do his thing until he lets go, if he hangs on he is probably hungry and it’s time to ramp up the feed. hop this helps.

11/12/15  07:46pm

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