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 Help with feeding

I acquired my first Cali King about 2 months ago from a breeder at a reptile show. She eats wonderfully, both frozen or live she doesn’t seem to have a preference. She’s still only about 7 months so I feed her a hopper every 5 days. Today she wasn’t interested at all in eating which I found odd for her. Is it common for kings to stop eating? She just shed a couple of weeks ago so I don’t think its that.

01/19/15  07:10pm


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  Message To: Abbie55   In reference to Message Id: 2311957

 Help with feeding

Don’t worry, though I don’t have a snake yet, what I read about them in many forums is that it is not uncommon for kings to skip meals in the winter.
If I’m wrong, then I hope someone who actually owns a king can tell you. ;)

02/16/15  05:51am


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  Message To: Ireland77   In reference to Message Id: 2312342

 Help with feeding

Yes ...they do skip meals and sometimes for weeks on end. Freeze the item if you like and save it for the next time. At 7 months old it will be fine if it doesn’t eat for a 10 day or 15 day span. I have a Cali King that will go off even in the summer. One time for 2 months and he is fine.

Just be patient.

03/06/15  04:53pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2312672

 Help with feeding

my king and corns eat about twice a month two big frozen mice because all we have in my town is a petsmart and they don’t have live feed. do you already know the dos and donts and the little tricks. I hate petsmart so I wish I could boycott but alas good mice are hard to find.

11/12/15  08:10pm

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