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Tommama   Cphill58  

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 2 yr Banded King Won’t eat in May ?

I was given a banded kingsnake 3 weeks ago (mid-May) but the person who gave it to me wasn’t it’s original owner and couldn’t tell me much about it’s feeding patterns, much less whether it is male or female. I have 5 other snakes so I am familiar with their feeding cycles just not a King. It looks to be at least 2 years old. It has not eaten - neither live nor frozen mice. Assuming temperature, and caging is suitable, could someone tell me whether King’s stop feeding during the Spring/Summer (May-July) ie. breeding season? any insight is much appreciated.

05/28/14  12:12pm


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 2 yr Banded King Won’t eat in May ?

Hitting this question 2 months late...yes all snakes can go off feed at the weirdest times for whatever cali King went off all spring ...looking for a mate ...and same with my Florida king. Both very restless in the enclosure but would not eat for almost 1-1.5 months
Both of them males.


07/26/14  01:29am

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