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 Adult mice or rat pups?

I have a California king that is about three feet long and has the girth to swallow a rat pup without issue and the heat and humidity are appropriate and monitored to allow for digestion. I am wondering for the health of the snake, is it better to feed multiple mice or size up to the rat pup. I know there are conflicting opinions about feeding multiple mice or increased frequency, etc so wonder what people have experienced with rat pups (I feed him every 7-10 days depending on the time of year). Thanks.

03/31/14  07:38pm


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  Message To: KingEugene   In reference to Message Id: 2304315

 Adult mice or rat pups?

I keep a number of snakes ...florida kings / cali kings/ corn snakes breeding and hatching 1 red tail and 1 retic.
I started living my childhood dream in my late 40’s.

I don’t agree with all the so called "rules" and I wont be shy to tell someone so. They are mostly opinions that have been passed along with such frequency that some believe it to be gospel.

I feed my snakes everything from 6 lb rabbits down to pinkies for the hatchlings. And if my hatchling is willing to eat another pinkie I will allow it .... if my retic is striking the glass looking for more I will feed until he is satisfied. If I open the enclosure and my king snake lunges forward to eat or strike he will get multiple items ( rabbit fuzzies) until he is sated, usually 3 but has taken 4, the size of a small rat.
Breeding your own rodents and rabbits affords this luxury

After many years of this type of feeding I have no ill effects or regurges. My snakes are very active and responsive / attentive. Growing well with no aggression inside or outside the cage. I feed in the cage. Only the retic requires special precautions

With great respect for there feeding response the retic at 10 feet must be touched with a hook or paper towel roll before handling... after he sees there is no food item I can handle him freely.

I guess I am trying to convey the idea that you want to be flexible with feeding... don’t let all the myths strangle you into 1 perspective. in the wild a snake will eat a complete litter of mice if it chances upon it. maybe a bird or 2 for dessert.

Ok rant is

04/24/14  01:21am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2304791

 Adult mice or rat pups?

Thanks, I agree. When I have fed multiple items, he seems to eat eagerly, digest quickly and seems to be doing well with this method. Most sites seem to say the standard "one adult mouse", but I was curious as to what other experienced owners have found. Thanks for the response.

04/26/14  02:29pm

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